Copyright © 2009 Don V Moses and Robert W. Demaree

About The Masses of

Joseph Haydn

It has been almost eighty years since the last such study of these masterpieces, and a flood of long-hidden scores and documents uncovered over that time span (especially from the Esterházy princely archives and sources from behind the former Iron Curtain). The Masses of Joseph Haydn builds on foundations laid in the twentieth century by the research of Brand, Larsen, Landon, Feder, Schenbeck, and others.

These exciting recoveries have prompted a Haydn renaissance in Europe and America, one in which the trite, misleading image of Haydn as simple, rustic 

 “Papa” has been replaced by a genuine one: he is now recognized as the shrewd and innovative founder of the Viennese Classical style, the mentor of Mozart, the principal influence on Beethoven, and the master of the choral/orchestral Mass setting.

In the first comprehensive study in almost three-quarters of a century of all Joseph Haydn’s Masses, two distinguished Haydn scholars bring to these masterworks the light of a treasury of recently discovered documents and new editions.

The powerful and elegant Austrian Masses of Franz Joseph Haydn are examined with thorough precision and dedication by Don V Moses and Robert W. Demaree, lifelong Haydn performers and scholars.

The Masses of Joseph Haydn examines chronologically the history, sources, character, style, and performance choices within each of the Haydn Masses in careful detail. All this is set in a framework of Haydn’s involvement with church music over his whole life span, and, in the context of his childhood as a singer, his career as Kapellmeister to the Princes Esterházy, and his international prestige at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Special focus is given to his performance practices in the churches in which he performed these Masses, his evolving style of orchestration, and his crucial, engaging preferences in rhythmic motion and tempi. Every twenty-first century assessment of Joseph Haydn—every contemporary performance of one of his Masses—should be guided and shaped by this major new volume.

This is the third text Professors Demaree and Moses have prepared together. Artists and students of choral/orchestral music will be familiar with their widely successful books Face to Face with Orchestra and Chorus (written with Allen Ohmes), now available in a second, expanded edition, and The Complete Conductor.​